Fia-Stina Sandlund

2011 – 09 – 23

I’m currently working on a film trilogy based on August Strindberg’s famous play Miss Julie. The first one – She’s Blonde Like Me – is out there on festivals. The second one – She’s Staging It – was shot this summer and will have its TV-premiere in May 2012 (read more about it under 2011). The third one – She’s Wild Again Tonight – is under preproduction. The new story is based on an idea by Josefine Adolfsson (Shemonkeys) and me. Josefine is the dramaturg and I’m the director. Marius Dybwad Brandrud is as always, the DP.

Background: in 2007 I was awarded a Swedish stipend; one year of studio work in New York. About the same time I was sent an article, written by my aunt Boel Seldén, in which she analyzed Miss Julie from a psychoanalytical and feminist point of view (read the article under 2008). The article really took hold of me. I had just experienced something personal that reminded me of the play. I bought my first copy of Miss Julie, which gave me the impetus for the project. It has often been said that the play, Miss Julie, comes with a curse; that the people, who work with it, become so affected by the story that the borderlines between their own lives and the play are blurred. That goes not only for the female lead – Julie. During the time I've been working on this project I've often questioned to what extent I've been in charge of my own fate.

During the fall I’ll participate in the project DOX:LAB in which I’ll collaborate with Argentinian director Alejo Moguillansky. Our common film will be finished in July 2012.

I’m also participating in the collective writing of a novel for an exhibition curated by Sinziana Ravini, in Paris, fall 2012.

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